The world is ours, and we are worldly. On a planet without nations we know no limits nor borders. We are photographers, videographers, storytellers, but overall travellers. Ordinary people telling extraordinary stories. Capturing real moments.

Our projects

From Africa to Europe we have engaged in different styles of solidarity actions, at the moment we are undergoing the project “The Azadi Road”. This consists of meeting and helping out various groups in Europe and in the Balkans.

Check out all of our projects past and present here.

Photo Gallery

Photography is the main skill the team has in common. A few of us have studied the art, others just learnt it on the road and we use it on all our travels. 

Video Gallery

Movies are the most important aspect regarding our projects. It’s the way we feel we can transmit the outcome of our experiences. Documentaries, small reportages, short-films and more can be found on our video gallery.

Our Blog

Not always can storytelling be expressed by video. When people don’t have the capacity or the aspiration to hold a videocamera there is always pen and paper to describe an interesting story!

We love art


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”

- Albert Einstein

How to Support us?

You can support us in various ways. From helping us upgrade our website with interesting stories, photos or art; by creating collection points for our projects and finally by donating what you can for our cause. We are a non-profit organization and are not funded by anyone other than ourselves. For more information please look on the link below.